Cake Pops

Quick View Unicorn Cake Pops

Unicorn Cake Pops

One dozen cake pops decorated like a sweet unicorn.  We can use a variety of cake flavors.  This is for a dozen which is the minimum for delivery.  You can call the bakery at 720 328 4073 to order less but they would have to be picked up...
Quick View Mini Cake Pops

Mini Cake Pops

20 mini cake pops.  We use the same wonderful ingredients, they're just a little more than bite size.  Cute on their "heads" too!
Quick View Athletic Ball Cake Pops

Athletic Ball Cake Pops

One dozen cake pops shaped like your favorite sports ball!  We can do soccer, tennis, basketballs, footballs and tennis balls.  All of our cake pops are covered in our favorite premiere European white, semi-sweet or dark chocolate!
Quick View Football Cake Pops

Football Cake Pops

One dozen fun and tasty chocolate cake pops.  Lots of chocolate inside mixed with chocolate buttercream then dipped in awesome Valrhona chocolate.  We shape them like footballs, put them on sticks and there you go!
Quick View Halloween Cake Pops

Halloween Cake Pops

One dozen assorted (or you can pick the flavors if you want them all to be one, two or three flavors) cake pops decorated with fun sprinkles and candies for Halloween.  We can package each cake pop in a cellophane wrap for favor or trick or treater...
Quick View Christmas Cake Pops

Christmas Cake Pops

One dozen adorable Christmas cake pops presented in an attractive box that is also a cake pop holder.  A great gift and a fun idea for a party.  These cake pops are chocolate, vanilla and red velvet.  Kids love them and adults do too!!
Quick View Autumn Season Cake Pops

Autumn Season Cake Pops

One dozen chocolate, pumpkin and vanilla cake pops decorated for an autumn celebration.  We use the BEST European chocolate for our cake pops.  
Quick View Basket of 50 Mini Cake Pops

Basket of 50 Mini Cake Pops

Fifty individually wrapped cake pops in a beautiful holiday basket.  Five diferent flavors and designs.  How fun for an office gift or a hostess gift.  We have smaller size baskets, too.