Quick View Cranberry Shortbread

Cranberry Shortbread

Six pie size pieces of sweety butery shortbread filled with dried cranberries.  Very rich and so buttery.  An exceptional flavor.
Quick View Icky Creepy Finger Cookies

Icky Creepy Finger Cookies

Aren't these cute?  Somebody's not so OK with being in the ground.  A classic sugar cookie dusted in cocoa powder and rising from a "graveyard" of crushed chocolate cookies.  Assembled in a terra cotta pot and presented as a cool Halloween...
Quick View Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Our fabulous chocolate chip cookie can now be a "cake."  We can write any message on the cookie you would like and we decorate it with a buttercream border and happy sprinkles.
Quick View Cookie Basket

Cookie Basket

A pretty basket of our popular drop cookies and two sugar or gingerbread cookies in a sweet basket and presented with a big bow on top.  We can add a gift card from you too.
Quick View French Macarons

French Macarons

Ten of the superb french delicacy.  A melt in your mouth cookie with various fillings - buttercream, ganache, fruit preserves.  You can pick up to three flavors.
Quick View Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

One dozen chocolate chip cookies made with gluten free flour.  They're crispy and full of chocolate chip cookies.  NOTE:  Our gluten free products are not suitable for folks with celiac disease.  One dozen chocolate chip cookies made...
Quick View Chocolate Salted Nutella Cookies

Chocolate Salted Nutella Cookies

Our newest cookie!  One dozen tasty chocolate cookies made moist with Nutella in the batter and topped with flavorful sea salt.  A really great "chocolatey" delight.Our newest cookie!  One dozen tasty chocolate drop cookies made with...
Quick View Chocolate Cream Filled Cookies

Chocolate Cream Filled Cookies

Like "Oreo" cookies?  This is our version.  Our popular chocolate cookie filled with freshly made and preservative free buttery and creamy filling.  We've colored the filling with season colors are put 18 bite size cookies...
Quick View Bags and Twisty Ties

Bags and Twisty Ties

We're happy to place your cookies in one of our cellophane bags and that we close with a red, gold or silver twisty tie.  If you want ribbons we can do color raffia at no additional charge but for classic ribbon there may be a fee.