Gluten Free

Our gluten free items are yummy but we do not recommend them for people with celiac disease.  We have a small kitchen and only one oven so we can not guarantee against cross contamination.  All of our products are made with Cup4Cup gluten free flour.  Pretty much everything we make can be prepared gluten free for a slight additional cost.  Just ask!

Quick View Gluten Free Cinnamon Coffee King Cake

Gluten Free Cinnamon Coffee King Cake

Our popular gluten free cinnamon roll cake prepared like a king cake with icing, Mardi Gras sugars and lots of beads.  A traditional king cake is a yeast based cake.  This is more of a coffee cake.
Quick View Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit

Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit

Twelve very spicy gingerbread cookies in various shapes ready for decorating.  Also included in the kit is five bags of royal icing and six bags of holiday sugars and sprinkles.
Quick View Christmas Tree Decorating Kits

Christmas Tree Decorating Kits

Fun all day and tastes amazing!  Twelve medium sugar cookies cut from various tree cutters, five icing colors and six sugars and holiday sprinkles.  Have fun!
Quick View Halloween Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit

Halloween Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit

How about some holiday fun!  We provide twelve undecorated sugar cookies in Halloween shapes, five bags of different color royal icing and lots of sprinkles and sanding sugars.  Have a yummy and awesome time.
Quick View Cookie Decorating Kit

Cookie Decorating Kit

A fun decorating kit to enjoy with friends and family.  We provide 18 undecorated sugar cookies, five bags of royal icing and sprinkles and sanding sugars.