Fall and Halloween

Quick View "Nightmare Before Christmas" Gingerbread Cookies

"Nightmare Before Christmas" Gingerbread Cookies

We can create this fun centerpiece with gingerbread cookies or chocolate or vanilla sugar cookies!!  All of the characters are there and we can add more if we didn't include you favorites.  The scene is presented on a large gingerbread cookie...
Quick View Owls! Sugar Cookies

Owls! Sugar Cookies

Mysterious, fascinating and tasty!  Owls!  We love them especially these fun ones you can find in Colorado.  One dozen in this collection.
Quick View Thanksgiving Place Card Sugar Cookies

Thanksgiving Place Card Sugar Cookies

Adorable turkeys and pumpkins with your guests name on them.  A great and down right tasty place card idea for the big feast.  FOR DELIVERY YOU MUST ORDER A MINIMUM OF THREE.  You can submit the list of names and indicate your preference...
Quick View Thanksgiving Bread Basket

Thanksgiving Bread Basket

A holiday themed basket of buttery yeast rolls and sweet muffins.  Each made fresh and from scratch for the basket.  Our baskets are a classic cornucopia or a green "THANKS" basket.
Quick View Gingerbread Turkeys

Gingerbread Turkeys

Eat me!  Don't eat me!  One dozen of this adorable and spicy treats.  Just a simple raisin for an eye.  
Quick View "Oreo" Football Cookies

"Oreo" Football Cookies

These are so good.  We make our own chocolate cookie and color our sweet and creamy buttercream filling orange and blue.  Bronco sprinkles of course.  Don't forget the football strings!  One dozen in this order.
Quick View Denver Bronco Cake

Denver Bronco Cake

A fabulous 9" cake made especially for your favorite Bronco fan.  We can make this cake is almost any flavor you want and any size 9" or larger.  Call us at 720 328 4073 to discuss price and details.  Go big team!!
Quick View Autumn Cookie Box

Autumn Cookie Box

Our lovely gift box includes six butter cookies with ganache filling cut into pumpkins, six salt caramel chews and six orange flavored swirl butter cookies,  Nice gift!