Quick View Autumn Cookie Box

Autumn Cookie Box

Our lovely gift box includes six butter cookies with ganache filling cut into pumpkins, six salt caramel chews and six orange flavored swirl butter cookies,  Nice gift!
Quick View Cranberry Shortbread

Cranberry Shortbread

Six pie size pieces of sweety butery shortbread filled with dried cranberries.  Very rich and so buttery.  An exceptional flavor.
Quick View Pecan Rolls

Pecan Rolls

Bjuttery, cinnamony and pecany.  Me first and I want the one in the middle!!!  A tin of these delights includes 8 rolls.
Quick View Autumn Season Cake Pops

Autumn Season Cake Pops

One dozen chocolate, pumpkin and vanilla cake pops decorated for an autumn celebration.  We use the BEST European chocolate for our cake pops.  
Quick View Football Cupcakes

Football Cupcakes

A dozen chocolate or vanilla or half and half cupcakes topped with mint buttercream and a team medallion.One dozen chocolate or vanilla (or half and half) cupcakes topped with mint buttercream and a team medallion.  We can personalize for one team...
Quick View Pumpkin Bread Mini Loafs

Pumpkin Bread Mini Loafs

Eight of our our scrumptious pumpkin bread mini loafs.  The recipe is an old Amish one and it is filled with freshly ground spices.  Each bread is topped with swirls of oh so yummy brown butter icing.
Quick View Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes

One dozen adorable, if not kind of goofy, chocolate or white cupcakes topped with a very proud Thanksgiving turkey!One dozen adorable chocolate or white cupcakes with a proud, if not a little goofy, turkey on top!
Quick View Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

One dozen pumpkin Whoopie pies prepared especially for you. These special treats are two moist pumpkin cakes with a sweet creamy filling. Also available in chocolate and oatmeal.